Author Instructions

All papers must be 7-10 pages long, and should be written in English, typed in Latin in MS Word (Times New Roman – TNR 11 pt. normal). All pages should be in A4 format (21cm x 29.7cm). All margins (top, bottom, left and right) should be 2.3 cm. Text should be written in one column (not two or more) and in font Times New Roman, including the titles of pictures and tables, with single spacing [TNR, 11 point, normal, justified alignment, first line – 0.7 cm, spacing – before = 3pt, after = 3pt, line spacing – single, upper and lower case). The beginning of the paragraph should be written without using Tab or space.
Papers should be submitted via conference website: in the section for paper submission, no later than the July 1st 2023
In order for the paper to be published in the Thematic Proceedings, it is necessary to be written according to these instructions.

Download the author's manual