EEE 2017

EEE 2017

Sixth international scientific conference titled “Employment, Education and Entrepreneurship”, under the patronage of the Faculty of Business Economics and Entrepreneurship (BEE) from Belgrade, was held from 19th to 21st of October in Belgrade.
At the opening of the Sixth international conference (EEE2017), guests and participants were greeted by the owner of the BEE, Dr. Dusan Cogoljevic and he thanked the participants and co-organizers of the conference.

President of the Scientific Board of the Conference, Prof Dr. Mirjana Radovic Markovic, emphasized at the beginning of the Conference that we were in the year of entrepreneurship, and that in today’s time entrepreneurship was becoming more dynamic. 

Likewise, she said that aside from the existing and usual conference topics, they added new and attractive ones. “We shall deal with cryptocurrencies among other things. We don’t know if it is just a new fraud or the future and what lies ahead of us. There will also be a discussion on the perspectives of high-tech entrepreneurship through IT sector in the Republic of Serbia.”

At this year’s conference we received 70 papers from 13 countries: Russia, Nigeria, Pakistan, Turkey, Iran, Bulgaria, Romania, the USA, Great Britain, India, Malesia, Macedonia and Serbia.
She added that entrepreneurship is the generator of new work places, and education the basis on which people develop their skills and knowledge that they need to start their businesses.
- Goal of this conference is to accomplish networking and to use exchange of experiences to solve problems in these fields. Without networking and exchanging of ideas there is no progress – said Radovic Markovic.
Dragan Sataric spoke to the auditorium in the name of Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development by saying that today’s time is very strange, work places are going away, new ones are appearing and we need to find the right ways to make up for the work places we’re lacking. Thousands of work places are going away, and we need to react quickly, said Sataric.
Misses Branislava Simanic, chief manager of the Entrepreneurship Sector of the Chamber of Commerce in Serbia, reminded us that one of the main objectives the Government of Serbia has set is the development of entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial spirit. She said that by the end of 2018 a parliament of entrepreneurs will have been formed and it will be in the position to form its requests and initiatives and suggest amendments to the law that would solve problems in our businesses.
The Dean of the BEE, Prof Dr. Jovan Zivadinovic said that there were more than 20 guests from abroad participating at the conference, and that there were more than 70 scientific papers.
After the opening ceremony, the Faculty of Business Economics and Entrepreneurship signed agreements on cooperation with the University in Pozega from Croatia and the Youth Sports Foundation.
On Saturday, 21st of October, there was a round table with an interesting topic: “Cryptocurrencies – new solution or yet another problem?” Speakers at the round table were Vojkan Vaskovic, Petar Kocovic, Aleksandar Matanovic, Danijel Dabek. Namely, since a few years ago, we could hear in the public and especially amongst the Internet users a lot of information about Bitcoin which is a cryptocurrency, protocol and software. It is one of the first implementations of this type of “money” that in short time has had a fascinating success. Bitcoin is designed based on the idea of a new form of money that uses cryptography in the control of its development and transaction realization. It is interesting to notice that it doesn’t rely on just any kind of central authority and its creation is automatized and generated on servers called bitcoin miners and its primary task is to confirm the creation of this money by adding a code to a decentralized register that is updated and archived from time to time. To start and use cryptocurrencies of this kind open up a series of questions, primarily who controls the issuance and quantity of money at disposal, is this really money that deserves attention or yet another fraud in the domain of Internet business. What is especially alarming is a mass opening of new payment systems based on the idea of cryptocurrencies.
It is a fact that central banks are becoming increasingly interested in this topic and they are intensively exploring and testing it. Technology applied in these cryptocurrencies has proved to be remarkably resistant to hacker attacks and experts are of the opinion that this technology has a bright future. What is particularly indicative in this case is that universities around the world have begun with intensive introduction into the curricula to study the technology of the "block chain" that is applied in these systems.

On the same day, 21st of October, there was a Forum “Current state and perspectives of high-tech entrepreneurship – IT sector in the Republic of Serbia”. The speakers were: Dr. Milan Krstic, Miljan Puzovic, Vladan Lapcevic, Milan Solaja, Dr. Sandra Nesic and Nenad Orlic.